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Outside the continental United States i. Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico , you must return the item s back to us at your own cost as we are unable to provide a free shipping label. Due to our constantly changing inventory and high demand we do not currently offer direct exchanges. If you would like an exchange, we recommend returning an item for TOMS. Our store credit does not expire. Unfortunately, gifts cannot be returned for a cash refund. To return a gift you received, you will need to know the order or invoice number as well as the shipping zip code or billing last name.

Please contact Customer Service to help you locate this information if you do not have it. We provide free shipping on returns if you are shipping from within the continental United States. You can download a return shipping label on the Order Details page that includes the item or items you would like to return.

Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico , you must return the item s back to us at your own cost as we cannot provide a free shipping label. Products purchased on TOMS. We accept returns within the timeframe noted in our Return Policy. This timeline allows us to evaluate how many pairs of shoes are final sales and can therefore be counted toward our Giving program.

Once shoes are given to a child, they are his or her shoes. We would never take back a pair of shoes we give. Please treat your TOMS. Unfortunately, we are not responsible if your Gift Card is lost, stolen or if anything else happens to it. Also, TOMS. If you have TOMS. Store Credit does not expire and we do not charge any additional fees in connection with your use of your store credit. Sorry, store credit is non-transferable and is for your use only. Unfortunately, we can only ship to P.

Please note: All orders containing 4 or more items will automatically be upgraded to UPS Standard shipping which does not allow for shipping to P. The shipping methods offered during checkout will differ based on your shipping address and number of items being ordered.

All delivery dates and times are not guaranteed and are estimates provided by the carrier. If an order is required by a certain date, please consider expedited shipping. We recommend ordering the size you normally wear in a casual or dress shoe. It takes less than a minute, and after answering a few simple questions—no measuring required! Learn More. They should fit snugly out of the box with your toes touching the end.

After a few hours of wearing, they will likely stretch slightly to conform to your feet. All styles, with the exception of our core alpargatas, utilize insoles made of microfiber, textile, faux shearling or other materials. Our core alpargatas include leather insoles made of pig suede.

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If you are unable to measure the old shoelaces you want to replace, please refer to the shoelace size chart below. Take one of your favorite t-shirts, lay it flat and then measure the width and length.

For width, make sure you measure across the chest. Refer to the apparel sizing chart below for more information on sizes. When converting to men's shoe sizes from women's, we suggest you go down 1. For example, a women's shoe size 8. Keep in mind that men's shoes run slightly wider than women's shoes.

When converting from women's shoe sizes to youth, we suggest you go down two sizes. For example, women's shoe size 5 is similar in fit to a youth 3. Also you can reference the youth sizing chart above for centimeter conversions. Any items purchased from an auction site are purchased at your own risk. Auction websites do not guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their sites. For this reason, there may be counterfeit goods available through auction sites, despite language that the item is genuine or authentic.

We hope to inspire other companies and individuals to incorporate giving in to their businesses, although we encourage them to do so responsibly Hand wash and air-dry the cloth regularly. To avoid damage, do not clean your glasses with paper towels or clothing, which can leave scratches. Avoid using household detergents or soaps. To help our manufacturers adhere to human rights standards, we've developed a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct and work through our internal team and respected third parties to meet such standards.

For more information on our comprehensive program, please visit our Corporate Responsibility page. Since then, our community has provided shoes, sight, and safe water to more than 94 million people around the world. Today, our model is evolving. In fact, that is our mission statement. Thanks to our customers, we have impacted more than 94 million lives through our shoe, sight and water giving.

The issues facing our communities are more complex than ever. We are taking a stand together with you, our customer, for a better tomorrow. What we are expanding is where and how that impact is delivered. Together we stand for a better tomorrow. Our model is expanding. Future issues will be driven by research and community feedback. In fact, our mission is to use business to improve lives.

We work with non-profit organizations and social enterprises to create impact, which you help generate through your purchase. We're passionate about companies that are purposeful, committed, and mission-driven. We are not currently making new investments and are focused on managing our existing portfolio of innovative companies.

We are growing and we've got some big shoes to fill! We're currently looking to fill a variety of positions in our Los Angeles headquarters. Click here to see open positions. There is no "Tom. The original idea was for every pair purchased today a new pair of shoes will be given tomorrow. Please use one of the methods below to reach us now. Send us a message anytime via our Message Us page.

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If you happen to reach us when we are offline, simply submit your inquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. To that end, we have evolved our giving model to take a more innovative approach to the issues we invest in. What has not changed is our commitment to giving with every purchase. Each year, the Giving Team decides what investments will be made based on regional and global business needs, giving partner needs and capacities, issue areas that matter to our consumers, and where we can have meaningful impact.

Each silhouette has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the communities our partners are serving. These are the canvas slip-on, the wet-weather slip-on, the school shoe, and the athletic shoe. They have been designed in collaboration with our Giving Partners to address specific climate conditions, activities, and terrain. A vision center is a permanent eye care facility which acts as the first point of interface in the community by offering eye care services provided by a skilled eye care worker employed exclusively for the vision center.

Vision centers also refer patients to eye hospitals when more complex care is required. This work improves health, increases economic opportunity, and creates greater access to education in the areas where we source our coffee. The organizations we continue to support will supply safe water to entire communities for generations to come. Since , we have worked with over 90 non-governmental organizations, international humanitarian organizations, and social enterprises.

Since , we have worked in over 90 countries. As a company founded in the US, we are committed to giving in our own backyard. Our US Giving Partners provide shoes, sight, and gun violence prevention support. Please visit stories. If you have additional questions you can send them to giving toms. We want our customers to have a say in how your purchase creates change. Pick your stand. Through this analysis we select issues to focus on and invest in. We also listen to the advice and counsel of our giving partners and ensure we are working with best-in-class experts and advisors in those impact areas to make the best possible investments.

If you are shopping online, you will only be able to select one issue area per checkout transaction. However, you can choose to purchase each product through separate transactions, and select a different issue area each time you check out. If you are shopping in one of our retail stores, then yes! A sales associate will help you through the process at checkout. Currently we are not adding issue areas to our giving portfolio, but we are always happy to hear from you and learn more about what issues matter most to you.

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Please feel free to submit ideas or suggestions to giving toms. Your suggestions will be reviewed and considered as we continue to evolve our giving. You can learn more about the characteristics of each country's bean on their product pages. Our beans are roasted and cupped in the United States. Our Master Roaster, Angel Orozco, tailors each roast to the coffee bean's specific profile. That means no two roasts are the same. It's a sensory process, from hearing the cracking of the beans over the fire to recognizing the smell of perfectly roasted beans.

Certain roasts hold various certifications including organic, fair trade, and rainforest alliance. Please refer directly to the product you are purchasing for certifications. Certain roasts are fair trade and some are direct trade.

Certain roasts are organic. We recommend using a bag of coffee within two to three weeks from your date of purchase. After about two weeks, you'll start to notice a steady decline in flavor. Coffee needs to rest in a cool, shaded and dry area. Exposure to sunlight or moisture will affect the flavor of the beans. All of our beans are hand-sorted, wet processed and washed. This process is complex, varying from region to region, and which has been handed down through generations - and generally produces beans of higher quality than other methods.

We recommend storing coffee in a cool, dry place. Any cupboard out of direct sunlight with no exposure to moisture is a great place. Each brewing device has its own unique traits, but it's all about what you prefer. If you like a nice, heavy-bodied cup try a full immersion brewer like a French press. All methods are capable of making delicious coffee! Many brewing methods are variations of pour-over - a timeless approach.

This method is simple: pour water over coffee in a filter, and it drips into a cup below. The trick to getting a great cup from pour-over is having the right amount of ground coffee at the right thickness, and pouring slowly. It should take about minutes for the water to drip all the way through. In general, grind beans to medium coarseness. French press is the most common type of immersion brewer. Unlike pour-over methods, a French press immerses beans in water for a period of time, generally leading to a fuller body.

The mesh filters in French presses have larger holes compared with a paper filter, so use a coarser grind. Many people love the "chewiness" of coffee brewed in a French press. With their bulbous glass chambers, siphon brewers look like they belong in a chemistry lab. Brewed using an open flame, this method produces an extremely clean cup of coffee. Water is heated in a lower chamber, while ground coffee is added to the upper chamber. Some of the heated water turns to vapor, which expands and forces the remaining water to travel against gravity into the upper chamber.

From there, coffee steeps in the bubbling water. Heat is removed and the expanded hot air cools and contracts, allowing the brewed coffee to return to the lower chamber, passing through a filter on its way down. In a plunge press, coffee steeps in water and is then plunged through a filter that traps its oils. Plunge presses make a small cup about 6 ounces and brews fast, usually in less than a minute. Thought of as "stovetop espresso" because both methods produce strong, concentrated flavors and both rely on pressurized water for brewing.

However, a moka pot has far less pressure than an espresso machine. With a one-way degassing valve - Originally developed for coffee, this machine protects beans from oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide from the package. The one-way degassing valve is industry standard for premium coffees. You get great benefits immediately after joining, including early access to TOMS. Earn points and get even more exciting benefits, including free shipping for a year. If you do not have an account, sign up now. Trailblazers also get free shipping and access to two additional Member Appreciation Sales.

The Passport Program sends emails about up-coming sales and promotions. There is an email sign-up at the bottom of every page on TOMS. Offer does not apply to gift cards. Offers not valid on shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, international shipments or other shipments outside the continental United States. No promotional code is necessary. Offer not valid on previously purchased merchandise. If you earn points during the month period after you enroll, you will move up to Trailblazer.

However, if you have not earned points within that period, in order to move to Trailblazer, you will need to earn points over the next month period i. Once you become a Trailblazer, you have 12 months from the date you became a Trailblazer to earn additional points in order to maintain that Member Level. If you do not earn points during that month period, your Member Level will be re-set to Explorer and you will no longer have access to exclusive benefits available to Trailblazers, including free shipping.

Explorers can never lose their Member Level. While this applies to almost all purchases on TOMS. There are other ways to earn points, including through social media activities and promotions Social Media Qualified Activities. Point-earning activities may include: Retweeting or sharing our posts Following us on Twitter or Snapchat Clicking on emails. You can only connect and disconnect your social media account s from the Passport Program one 1 time per calendar month.

You will get points for following us and retweeting us in the future. You will NOT earn points for retweeting a status that was published prior to the date you signed up for the Passport Program. We do not award points for mentions, but feel free to say hi anyway! Yes, you can earn points on a mobile device but you will need to disable private browsing. Check your browser settings on your mobile device to ensure it will accept cookies.

Points awarded are based on the price you paid for a product, but less taxes, shipping and handling charges and any other fees. Gift cards also have their own set of rules. Please check back for updates! You will be awarded your points when your order has shipped. If you return your purchase, your points will be deducted. Your redeemable points are the number of points you have available to redeem for rewards. This number increases as you earn points and decreases with each reward you redeem.

You may also lose redeemable points for returning item s that you received points for. If you choose to refund the original payment method, the points will be lost. To keep your redeemable points from expiring, you must make another purchase on TOMS. We love free stuff too, but redeeming a reward coupon code for free product does not count as a purchase. Note that some of the rewards, prizes and sweepstakes will be subject to restrictions, so make sure to read the fine print. You will receive a confirmation email when the transaction is complete.

Choose wisely! If you redeem your points for a reward, your transaction cannot be reversed or refunded. Reward redemptions are final. Reward items will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be subject to availability, so once a reward item has sold out, it may no longer be available. Additional terms and conditions may apply to rewards. You cannot transfer, substitute or redeem rewards for cash. You are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes as well as any other costs or expenses associated with a reward item not specified herein or on Passport Program website as being provided.

Rewards are considered taxable income and are subject to local, state and federal taxes. Please note that you may be charged shipping and handling fees as noted on TOMS. You are responsible for updating your registration information. No reward items will be shipped to destinations outside the United States. Rewards that can be delivered electronically will be delivered in approximately 48 hours from the date the redemption is fully processed.

The Rewards Released Parties as defined below shall not be liable for any damages, losses or delays in connection with any shipments. If a reward coupon code expires, the expiration date will be clearly disclosed and reward coupon code must be used by such expiration date or it will be void. Please follow the instructions provided along with the reward coupon code for your specific redemption instructions.

Reward coupon codes will generally automatically be issued within 24 hours after your rewards redemption. Multiple reward coupon codes cannot be combined in a single order. This website uses cookies to improve your online experience, to understand how the website is used and to tailor advertising. You can read more about these cookies and make your cookies choices at Cookie Policy.

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Rakuten Super Points Buy it and earn 69 points! About Points. You may use a package forwarding service. Product Information See the original Japanese page. The simple, comfortable lightweight backpack which plays an active part for every outdoor activity. It is a superior backpack playing an active part in a wide scene. With the structure that is easy to put a necessary item in and out, it is most suitable for a D hike and commuting. I just fit a body and am comfortable fantastically.

It is an outstanding performance for a D hike and short touring or a town walk.

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