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When searching a place to stay and people to connect with, you must do your research. I have used couchsurfing many times and always checked if the people in whose homes I want to stay have excellent reviews an a lot of them! That is the key. I think Couchsurfing is an amazing opportunity to not only travel cheap and have accommodation for free, but also to connect with local people and get to know the culture and best local places, in other words — to have the real taste of the place.

Like when me and my friends stayed in Madrid for one night Isidro showed us the places with beautiful views of the city, best tapas and sangria and introduced with his amazing friends and we talked a lot about Spanish culture and history — in one night we had the best taste of Madrid we would never get if we would have stayed in a hotel. This is my selection of last minute hotel apps to travel cheap. Awesome apps that I actually use every time I go to my adventures. I hope you will love them too.

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I would also like to hear what are your favorite last minute hotel apps, let me know in the comment section below! Your email address will not be published. Hotel Tonight The reason Hotel Tonight is on the list is that by using this last minute hotel app you can get great deals from hotels that give away empty rooms at discounted rates last minute — simply beautiful!

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10 best hotel apps for Android! (Updated 12222)

This feature emphasizes the nature of last-minute booking apps. They help people organize spontaneous trips and visit unexpected places. Aces feature. HotelTonight has a remarkable feature called Aces. Aces can also be used for requests at hotels, such as for room service. In our previous article , we described how online travel agencies such as Expedia make money.

Apps for Last-Minute Hotel Rooms

The business model for last-minute booking apps differs from the business model for online travel agencies. The major way that HotelTonight generates revenue is a transaction fee of 20 to 30 percent. Moreover, unlike Groupon—an online service that provides daily deals—HotelTonight offers a more flexible system for hotels. Groupon, along with many other deal services, asks to set a fixed price for a room for a month.

For example, on Mondays the number of tourists is usually smaller than on Fridays or weekends, so the price may drop. HotelTonight has found a more profitable approach. They allow hoteliers to set prices daily, helping them establish long-term relationships with their hotel partners. So HotelTonight generates solid revenue by building strong relationships with hoteliers and providing them with win-win offers.

The success of the first last-minute booking app created hype on the market. There are now many clones and followers that have created great competition. One of the biggest advantages of last-minute booking apps is the opportunity to reserve a room quickly. Easy navigation and simple functionality make your app much more pleasant and effective.

In addition, personal accounts and credit card storage can ease the reservation process since people only have to enter their personal data once.

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A failed deal with a hotel is a bad experience. People often blame a booking service rather than a hotel in this kind of situation, so the app loses users.

To avoid such problems, you need to closely collaborate with hotels. Traditionally, hoteliers give data on rooms and inventory, including availability and price. Hoteliers also need to monitor both online and direct bookings to avoid mishaps. Many hotels organize and update inventory information manually after receiving an order. This process is time-consuming, so online booking platforms need to operate efficiently.

To make your booking app convenient for hoteliers and gain their trust, you need to provide an efficient notification system. Once a user confirms an order, the app needs to alert a hotel manager so that they can update the information. Also, it may be a good idea to implement personal accounts for hotel managers.

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This way hotels will be able to monitor the number of orders from the platform and see which deals bring the highest revenue. When creating any kind of application, you need to consider the needs and preferences of potential users. So HotelTonight created their app with a short and clear user flow that lets you book in a few clicks.

Before you create a last-minute booking app, you need to define who your target audience is and conduct deep user research to define a set of features and how they will be presented. Booking services require personal data and often handle money transactions. Partnering with well-known and reliable companies such as PayPal and Apple is a nice solution. As you can see, last-minute hotel booking apps are popular among travelers and hoteliers. We use cookies to personalize our service and to improve your experience on the website and its subdomains.

We also use this information for analytics. What is HotelTonight? By unearthing unsold rooms, this helpful app can offer some steep savings. Bring on the spontaneous trips! This app is great so much I decided to write my first review! I typically love planning, but I do it so much at work I have no energy to come home and plan a getaway.

This app has allowed me to getaway with confidence knowing that I'm being recommend great deals at great hotels. No more scouring the internet looking for the right room at the right price, in fact too many options can be overwhelming!

The 10 Best Apps for Last Minute Travel | Travel + Leisure

In the app you pick out your dates and the app narrows it down to a handful of places based either on your location or you can enter the city you are traveling to and then from the list you select the hotel that best meets your needs and budget. The app found us an amazing locally owned boutique hotel located downtown at a good price.

We decided to change our plans and stay an extra two nights after finding another hotel better rates through the app nearby to give us more time to sightsee! The concept of the app is genius.

On the go? Get the app.

Prices are good and fair for last min booking. Sometimes you just party too hard that you just want to crash in a nice bed till 10am and leave. This is directed to the business development team when picking new places But I realize that third party bookings are not the main revenue generator but at least treat us with some kind of respect.

We filled a room for a very low price that might have been empty. I rather stay at the same place then different ones And maybe offer more upgrade options