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Enter supporting content here. Coupon Decoding Look closely at the barcode on the coupon. May contain further data about the coupon offer, may be readable by the store. If it appears, it is the expiration date, coded as MMYY. All coupons expire at the end of the month, there is no way to encode a specific date.

Not all stores can read this info. Keep in mind that different stores may have programmed their POS systems to handle coupons differently. What works at Store X may not work the same at Store Y.

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It will probably take some experimenting to determine what your store's POS does. UPC-E uses a rather convoluted, but quite effective, method of compressing out unnecessary zeros. Keep in mind that in UPC-A there are five characters for the manufacturer code and five characters for the product code. The trick is to reduce all 10 characters into just 6 characters. The product code must be to If the manufacturer code ends in 00 but does not qualify for 1 above, the UPC-E code consists of the first three characters of the manufacturer code, the last two characters of the product code, followed by the digit "3".

If the manufacturer code ends in 0 but does not quality for 1 or 2 above, the UPC-E code consists of the first four characters of the manufacturer code, the last character of the product code, followed by the digit "4".

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If the manufacturer code does not end in zero, the UPC-E code consists of the entire manufacturer code and the last digit of the product code. Note that the last digit of the product code must be in the range of 5 through 9.

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Here is a simple value code table. The manufacturer sends the retailer the data that tells the retailer's computer exactly which products fit the family code, and exactly how much to take off. When the coupon is scanned, the POS computer:. The next time you go to the store, pick up a product -- any product. Look at its UPC code: Now you know what it means! What is a Coupon Code?

Coupon Barcode Basics

Prev NEXT. This is part of the coupon that can be decoded to help determine if it can in fact be used on different products. In a family code the number 0 is like a wild card. The next two numbers after the family code- 44 -are the value code, which determines the value of the coupon. Coupons with a 00 or 01 free product code will almost always be flagged at the store for cashier intervention. You can find tables of all the value codes on various websites. The final number- 8 -is simply a check number which is a computer generated number that is assigned when the UPC number is purchased for use in their coupon.

So, with a wealth of information on coupon decoding and respected couponers offering lessons on it in their workshops and how to guides, it brings forth the question of whether or not barcode decoding is breaking the law or if it is acceptable to do. Many well established great coupon sites are all for barcode reading, even posting tutorials and how to guides.

EP2422307A1 - System and method for creating coupon offers and barcodes - Google Patents

Many people will argue that the company knows that it can be done and should simply make the bar codes more specific. It is not that easy, however. People like coupons that allow some flexibility and in order for the manufacturer to provide coupons available for more then one specific product in one size of a specific type they must trust that people will rely on the terms written on the coupon. A barcode can only fit so much information, it cannot fit a compete sentence or paragraph, which is why that is written on the coupon.

The words are basically the terms of a contract between you, the coupon user and the company providing the coupon. Once again the manufacturers trust you to abide by the written policy. What you are essentially doing is playing the system to your advantage. Many people claim that they called the company and were told it was okay. Also, just because the manufacturer may not necessarily be to concerned about it, the store definitely will when the do not get reimbursed.

When people take advantage of something like this is eventually ruins a good thing for everyone. There are plenty of savings to be had with coupons without gaming the system even further. Just because something is possible, do not make it right. It is because of these things that stores are giving us, the consumers who ARE using our coupons correctly, a hard time.

We freak out when a store refuses a coupon, but with people so desperate to make an extra buck these days, who can blame them. Also, manufacturers put coupons out to help promote new products and to give their consumers that use their products a deal. They do not HAVE to put coupons out at all. We see it as a huge company with all the money in the world, what is an extra dollar to them. Well it is simple mathematics. What if one million people all scammed that company out of just one dollar.

You see? People need to understand that this is not acceptable. There are more then enough ways to get things for free, why mess up a good thing?

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It only takes one a few people to ruin something for everyone. For fifty cents, no less? Are you that desperate to save a couple bucks that you are willing to risk being arrested and banned from your favorite store?